A Million Years

by Pat Parra

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I don't want to be alive,
Without you.
I don't want to know the night
Without my baby.
How you gonna think
That there's another?
You must be out of your head
You must be crazy girl.

I've been loving you for about two years now
Still you think that somethings wrong
When we first met I put a game on you.
You moved your body like I belonged

And I loved to dance
When you put it on me
Like I'm a stripper a pole
And moved that ass
Until I couldn't get enough
And had to take you home
But I had no chance
Becuase you thought I'd treat you like any other ho
But thats not me I wanted you to be my girl
And marry me for sure
But still you had to be the one to
To sit and take your time
And I didn't know if you were ever going to rest and make your mind
But still I made a thousand attempts to breathe and wait
And I slipped up but don't blame me for dropping dick in my roommate
And I'm sorry about that baby it was never meant to happen
You dissed me too many times and I was in need of some action
And I found it in a girl who was living close to me
While you cleared up all the gay dudes and the girls you use to see.

Then it was me who had one more chicken to ween through
Waste of time cuz the bitch was mean to
My baby heart when you did care
I was stupid to go there but now I'm ready to be healed
You know I learned my lesson
I'm going to see you through
I will not believe anything else that another do
And though the world is destined.
To be all consumed.
I'm going to love you past the times our bodies meet their doom
And we goin' fly up into each other
As we're lifted to the sky
For a new world thats better
Yeah we can work it out
Yeah we can make a play
While we're losing everything
Its nice to have your sweet pussy on me
Riding me until I cry
Theres no reason that we can't lie
In this bed forever dear
Yeah I'm lucky to be here.
You're making my heart clear
So clear, clear. Clear.

I know you love me girl .
Its hard to leave when everytime we kiss its honey girl
And when you breathe
The dark in my heart is sunny girl.
My closest need is you bouncing like a bunny girl .
You want my seed and I'm going to give it to your tummy girl
And though you bleed for now I'm saving up my money girl
We see eachother once a week of course its crummy girl
But when we're freed to we'll be running up this funny world
Your nose is runny girl

And don't believe what your friends say
I'm your penguin and your favorite song
It don't matter where you been played.
You never had a love half as strong
Still your therapist is telling you that you should find someone new
Like I beat you all the time
But she ain't never had her body rocked by a redhead so smooth

And you think that I can live without you
But I could never live without your butt
And I'm dying just to know you'll be mine
So I'll never have to find another slut
You know I missed you from the start babe.
You know I missed you from the start
When you melted up my heart babe.
And then you left me in the dark.

I've known you for a million years...


released December 25, 2011
Produced by Benito.
Written and Performed by Pat Parra.


all rights reserved



Pat Parra San Jose

Pat Parra is a redheaded Chilean musician from San Jose, Ca.

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